Monday, 31 March 2014

Shocker: Pilot Caught Groping 14-Year-Old Girl Inside Plane

An airline pilot, Michael Pascal, has been caught groping a 14-year-old girl inside a plane.
Reports say accused was convicted this week of two counts of abusive s*xual contact for groping the 14-year-old victim while he was a passenger on a flight from Detroit to Salt Lake City last year.
Pascal, who has homes in Park City, Utah, and Texas, was found guilty Thursday by a jury after a three-day trial in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City.

PHOTOS: Nadia Buari channels her romantic side in a sexy red dress

Nadia shared this beautiful photo and gushed about love "There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment. #HopelessRomantic"
Don't be surprised her boo Jim is taking her out to dinner....

‘They take turns for sex’: Meet The 22-Year-Old Woman Married To 5 Brothers (PHOTOS)

‘They take turns for sex’: Meet The 22-Year-Old Woman Married To 5 Brothers (PHOTOS)
A young Indian woman has spoken out about being married to five husbands, all of whom are brothers.
Rajo Verma, 22, lives in one room with the siblings and they sleep on blankets on the floor.
The mother-of-one, who sleeps each night with a different brother, does not know which of her five related husbands is the father of her 18-month-old son.

Muslim Cleric Allegedly Caught Slaughtering Woman In Ibadan (PICTURED)

Muslim Cleric Allegedly Caught Slaughtering Woman In Ibadan (PICTURED)

MEET The 64-year-old Man Who’s ‘Been To Heaven 4 Times’: He’s Met Jesus, God, Moses, Draws Map (PHOTOS)

 No offence to 64-year-old Sibusiso Mthembu, but hearing his story just made me laugh out loud. Of course, the South African from KwaZulu-Natal tells it in all seriousness. And who knows, he may even be telling the truth about having visited heaven four times, so far. The first time was in 1998, and subsequent visits were made in 2004, 2006 and 2008. It all started in 1993, when a white man (an angel, apparently) paid him a visit and told him he was needed in heaven. And now, after several visits, he’s drawing a map to make sure the rest of us ‘unlucky’ ones get what he’s talking about.

Nigerian lesbian asylum seeker says she faces death sentence if deported

46 year old Nigerian lesbian asylum seeker in the UK, Adejumoke Apata (pictured above), says she risks a death sentence if she is deported to Nigeria.
Ms Apata says she fled Nigeria in 2004 and claims that her girlfriend who refused to go with her, was brutally murdered by vigilantes in 2012.
Before she left Nigeria, Adejumoke said she was subjected to homophobic torture, persecution and a brutal arrest after she was exposed as a gay woman. She claims she was also sentenced to death by stoning for being a lesbian. Continue...

Actress Halima Abubakar sizzles in new photos

That's a nice colour dress. See more pics after the cut...

Women in revealing clothes deserve to be raped - says a poll in Brazil

According to a report by AFP, a poll in Brazil says a woman who shows off her body deserves to be raped. We are talking about Brazil, the land of samba, voluptuous carnival dancers and mini bikinis.
Of the 3,810 respondents of both sexes who responded to the government’s Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA) survey released last week, about 2,480 - 65% - justified raping women who wear “clothing that shows off the body.”
And 58.5% of respondents also agreed that “if women knew how to behave, there would be fewer rapes.”
This poll has triggered outrage in the country, especially when it was revealed that most of the poll’s respondents - 66.5% - were women. So wait, it is okay to walk near-naked in a carnival, but not in real life? And women are the ones who believe this? There's absolutlely no excuse for rape! What do you guys think?

SHOCKING: I watched my girlfriend get raped and murdered while chatting with her on Skype – Boyfriend reveals (PHOTOS)

A 23-year-old girl, Qian ‘Necole’ Liu, was found dead on the morning of April 15, 2011, in her basement apartment in Toronto, Canada covered in blood and semen.
On the night of the murder, Liu was chatting with her boyfriend Xian Meng who was in China using a Skype webcam and an instant messaging service.

CAPTURE THIS: Tonto Dikeh Shows Off Her New Tattoo (LOOK)

Pagans, Witches And Spiritualists Recruited By British Armed Forces

Pagans, witches, spiritualists and Rastafarians are among the British Army’s ranks.
Official figures obtained through Freedom of Information show 770 members of the armed forces declared their religion as “other” and, of these, are 120 devotees of paganism.
While paganism is a broad group of indigenous and polytheistic religions it is closely associated with the peaceful groups who gather at Stonehenge for Summer Solstice festivals.

Hold Something!!! Actress Foluke Daramola’s Husband Grabs Her Large Bosom In New Photo


Babysitter Beats 4-Year-Old Girl To Death

A Los Angeles babysitter beat a 4-year-old girl to death and took the unresponsive infant to the hospital on a public bus instead of calling 911!
Vanessa Denise Hawkins Scott pleaded not guilty to the charges, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. She was being held on $1.1 million bail.
Prosecutors said Hawkins Scott was arrested last Friday after taking the unresponsive girl to Good Samaritan Hospital, where the child was pronounced dead.

RAPE SAGA: Obesere Releases Photo Of The Alleged Victim

To further prove his innocence about the rape allegation leveled against him by one Ms. Olanike Olaiya, a couple of weeks back, Obesere, has released  a video CD, titled 'Rape Scandal' - it has been in circulation since its release on Monday, March 17, 2014.
So far, the CD has sold thousands of copies!!!

Arsenal Considers One Of Its Legends As Wenger's Replacement, SEE Who

Following the uncertainty that surrounds the future of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal, there is a rumour that the London club is considering offering their coaching job to one of its legends.
Wenger seems to be saying Vieira is the man
Former midfielder and captain of the club, Patrick Vieira is being lined up as a possible successor to Wenger, should the Arsenal boss answer the call of the French FA to take over as the national team’s next manager.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Spain secures comfortable 3-0 win against Nigeria

Flamingoes' Unbeaten Run Ended By Spain
Spain secured a dominant 3-0 victory over Nigeria in the quarter-final match of the ongoing FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup.
The result ended a seven-match unbeaten run for Nigeria at the tournament dating back to 2012, and fell one match short of the record sequence established by Japan between 2010 and 2012.
The game was played at high speeds throughout and was end-to-end in the first half, before the Spaniards took the game by the scruff of the neck with two second-half goals.

INCREDIBLE: This Star Names Famous Women He Has Slept With; Kim K, Many More Are On The List

An American actor, comedian, rapper, entrepreneur, record producer, radio, and television personality Nick Canon was a guest on Big Boy's Power 106 show.
When the radio host asked him to list five celebrities he has slept with, Nick did not hesitate to reveal the names.

PHOTOS: Guy Post Pics Of His Girfriend Sucking His D:CKson Online Exposing Her B**bs

Two People Catch TB From Pet Cat In UK

pet cat
England’s public health agency says two people have caught tuberculosis from a pet cat, the first time the bacterial disease has been documented to spread from cat to human.
In a report published on Thursday, Public Health England said it concluded TB samples taken from the cat and from two people in contact with the animal were “indistinguishable” and that the cat was considered to be “the likely source of infection.”

[PHOTOS]: Student of Olabisi Onabanjo University Who Disguised Himself As A Mad Man Just For Rituals, Caught in Ibadan

ritualist student who disguised as a man man lynched in ibadan 3
It seems God is out to expose evil doers in the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo state.
Just  less than a week after the Soka Ritual Factory was discovered, two ritualists have been discovered, in different areas in the same Ibadan.
A source who was present at the first location where the ritualist was paraded took the pic above and those after the cut. He also explained how the young man, yet to be identified met his water-loo.
The photos after the cut are very graphic, Viewer discretion is highly advised. According to the ireporter, the incident happened at Adebayo Hospital Road, off Ring Road, Ibadan.

Unclad Man Climbs Tree To Make It His Home

By all means hug a tree, but please do so with your clothes on.
Michael Howard Long, 40, told police in Arab, Ala., that he was climbing a pine tree to make it his home, reports. But unlike the privacy of one’s actual home, you can’t climb your treehouse unclad.
Long pleaded guilty to public lewdness Monday, two days after police responded to reports of a man climbing 40 feet up a tree in the unclad around 5 a.m.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Den Of Kidnappers- Ibadan House Of Horror(PHOTOS)

Must Read! Even A Beautiful Woman Can Get Rejected….,

Rejection is a possibility for anyone – yes even beautiful women – no matter how much you weigh the averages and make up excuses for why it shouldn’t be this way. Many of the reasons for rejection are as stupid as the day is long, but most of the time there is a longer explanation that goes beyond looks.
Consider the traditional art of “game”, we run up on a stranger with some conversation, a little strategy and whatever we know from experience and depending on the way the dice fall we either get some feedback or she disses us and moves away. What tends to happen on the diss for amateurs is that we sit back analyzing where we went wrong, what we lack, and what her problem is. We turn into stuck cars spinning away at our wheels trying to come up with an excuse for the rejection.

The World's longest serving death row inmate (45 years) to be released after it's revealed he was innocent

There has long been speculation he was innocent, and in 2007 one of the three judges who originally convicted him publicly declared he had thought Mr Hakamada was innocent
Amnesty International claimed earlier this year that new DNA tests undertaken in 2012 point to Mr Hakamada’s innocence.
His sister who has spent years fighting for her innocence said she was worried about the mental state of her brother, who now ‘talks nonsense’.
‘What I am worried about most is Iwao's health. If you put someone in jail for 47 years, it's too much to expect them to stay sane..I truly believe Iwao didn't do it. But once police suspect you for a crime, that's the end of the story. It was like that back then, it is like that now.’

Rough Guy Leaks His Girlfriend's Private Pix Online (WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT)

Ladies, watch it when you are dating a rough guy because he may not really be kind to you if things go wrong in any way. This babe was cheating and "doing" her boyfriend's friend secretly and was even sending private pix of herself to the other guy. The main guy stumbled on his girlfriend's photos in his friend's phone and he couldn't believe what he saw. He decided to dump the girl and went ahead to disgrace her online...
The source who sent the photo to KD BLOG said the guy's friend didn't even bother to deny. He told him that he was on his own and that it was the girl who approached him for a secret relationship and he decided to give her what she wanted from him. #SeriousGobe.

(+18) Leaked Photos Of Customer who Refused To Pay Service money (See Photos)

After 19 Years Of Marriage, Man Discovers That His Wife Used To Be A Man

A Belgian man is seeking to have his marriage annulled after discovering that his Indonesian wife of 19 years had been born a man. The man, only named as Jan, married Monica, his family’s former nanny in a previous marriage, in 1993 despite legal difficulties raised by the Belgian immigration authorities. But it was only in recent weeks that he discovered that his wife had originally been a man and had undergone a s*x change.
“I feel I’ve been assaulted,” he said. “I brought her to Belgium. That was not easy. The Belgian courts had serious doubts about the authenticity of her birth and her identity papers, but eventually they accepted it anyway.

Kanye West Threatens To Cancel Wedding With Kim Kardashian (Find out why)

 Kanye West recently “blew a gasket” after learning about a previous association between his fiance Kim Kardashian and bad boy singer Chris Brown, has learned.
    And he’s so upset he might even consider calling off the wedding if she ever speaks to Brown again, according to one source!
   “Even though the encounter between Kim and Chris happened long before Kanye came on the scene, being Kanye, he’s still intensely jealous,” a Kardashian insider told Radar.

Photos of Dog Owners French Kissing their Dogs

Yes, dogs are man's best friends. But as a new photo series shows, some people are taking their relationship with man's best friend to the next level with full-on make-out sessions.

Beaten, R*ped and locked in cage by paedophiles at the age of 9 : India's modern day slaves

From a dimly-lit alley a teenage pimp emerges to tout a schoolgirl held prisoner inside the six-floor brothel behind him. “I can get you young girls,” he boasts. “Minor, only been used four or five times. Everything is for sale here in Mumbai, sir.”
Somewhere in there is a girl whose stolen innocence is a sordid selling point in the rat-infested red-light district of Kamathipura district.
In this labyrinth of rubbish-strewn lanes, where homeless tots sleep rough beside wild-eyed junkies, there are thousands of such girls, some as young as six. They are slaves, sold to child traffickers by their own penniless families in other parts of India.

Police stop demolition of Ibadan horror house

EXPECTATIONS of hundreds of people whose relatives are still missing were dashed, yesterday, in Ibadan when the demolition of the kidnappers’ den at Soka in Ibadan, where hundreds of people have been killed by suspected ritualists, was stopped midway by men of the Oyo State Police Command.
The people who came from different parts of the country claimed that some victims were still trapped in a dungeon which is yet to be located.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ukrainian Women Call For Boycott Of S*X With Russian Men

A grassroots group of women in Ukraine are encouraging a s*x embargo with Russian men to bring attention to the situation in Crimea.
“We believe that in the context of military occupation of the territory it is silly to continue to assert that all men are brothers,” said organizer Katerina Venzhik to Foreign Policy. “What Russia is doing in Ukraine is terrible, but the world sees their actions primarily through the prism of the pro-Putin propaganda.”

ANOTHER HORROR IN IBADAN: ‘Madman’ caught with human tongue, weapons and Blackberry phone

ANOTHER HORROR IN IBADAN: ‘Madman’ caught with human tongue, weapons and Blackberry phone
Barely four days after the discovery of mysterious forest where over 19 human skulls were found in Ibadan, another horror was discovered in the ancient city, yesterday.
A man, who feigned lunacy, was allegedly caught with human tongue, gun and cutlass around the popular Ring Road area of the city.
According to reports, residents of Ibadan rushed to catch a glimpse of the suspected human eater. The suspect was, however, whisked away by armed policemen to avert jungle justice.
Also, another man was mobbed by angry crowd after a price list of human parts was allegedly found on him.

My husband wants divorce because I refuse him sex, says 69-year-old housewife

My husband wants divorce because I refuse him sex, says 69-year-old housewife
A 69-year-old housewife, Mrs Simbiatu Oduntan, on Wednesday told an Orile Agege Customary Court in Lagos that her husband, Alhaji Mustairu Oduntan, 84, wanted to divorce her because she refused him sex.
Simbiatu, a trader, who lives with her husband at 3, Olaleye St., Orile Agege, told the court that the 45-year-old marriage had witnessed ups and downs.
“The main reason my husband wants to leave me is because I refused to satisfy his demands for sex.
“I have lost the urge for sex. My thinking is not towards that direction again; but my husband still wants sex.

See What World's Fastest Man, Usain Bolt Is Doing With This Lady (PHOTOS)

I truly don't know what to call this because its definitely not dancing, her face's down, its quite, at least we all know he's good at something else apart from running.

The Olympic legend was pictured in Momentum nightclub 'daggering' with a participating female. The controversial dance, which originated in Mr Bolt's native Jamaica, is designed to imitate s*xual intercourse.

Blind Couple Weds After Guide Dogs Bring Them Together

Last time we checked in with Claire Johnson, 50, and Mark Gaffey, 51, they were engaged and patiently awaiting the arrival of their wedding.
After meeting each other at a two-week guide dog training course in March 2012, the couple officially tied the knot in Stoke-on-Trent, England, on Saturday, BBC News reported.
The love affair began at the training course when their Labrador-retrievers, Venice and Rodd, couldn’t stop playing and nuzzling together.

PHOTO: Toolz Tries Her Make-Up Skills, Makes Herself “Bleed”


We are used to seeing the name of the Nigerian On Air Personality Toolz along with such adjectives as “sexy” and “beautiful”, but now it is a different story.
The photo you see above is not fake, it was shared by Toolz herself. But we can assure you: there is nothing to worry about. According to the curvacious radio personality, this picture is the result of her trying some of her make up skills…
The bleeding looks really natural, so we can assume that Toolz could even start making up in Nollywood especially accident scenes.

Democratic Republic Of Congo To Supply Electricity To Nigeria

                                        President Jonathan

The erratic supply of electricity to homes and business premises in the last two weeks is as a result of the drop in power generation by about 963 megawatts as a result of gas supply constraints.
The electricity generation, which was put at 3,463.40MW as of March 20, dropped to 2,500MW on Mondy.
The Board Chairman, Transmission Company of Nigeria, Mr. Ibrahim Waziri, who disclosed this to journalists on Monday on the sidelines of the investors’ conference organised by the firm in Abuja, said the worsening state of power supply in the last two weeks was as a result of the series of incidents that had bedevilled the sector lately.

They Slept With Me, I Saw Them Slaughter 50 People, Says Lady Who Escaped From Boko Haram

                                     Boko Haram

Two ladies residing in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria have given a moving account of their ordeal in the hands of suspected members of the Boko Haram sect and how they managed to escape.

Speaking in an interview with the BBC Hausa service monitored in Kaduna on Monday, Liatu, aged 23, said she spent 12 days in the hands of her abductors inside the Sambisa forest before she escaped.

According to her, she had left Maiduguri on her way to the village when she was abducted,adding that the Boko Haram members had barricaded the road just near the Bama bridge, killed some people and went away with others into the bushes.

God Go Punish You, Oloshi - Rapper Olamide Attacks Linda Ikeji

                                Olamide and girlfriend

There have been reports that Olamide's girlfriend of many years, Adebukunmi Aisha Suleiman is expecting a child and the blogger posted a story on her blog where she stated that Olamide has joined the league of Nigerian celebrities having babies out of wedlock.

Reps Uncover Second Jet Alison-Madueke Used For Private And Official Trips

Photo: Second jet of Diezani Alison-Madueke uncovered
Indications appeared on Tuesday that Petroleum Minister, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, maintained a second jet, which she allegedly used for private and official trips abroad.
Photo: Second jet of Diezani Alison-Madueke uncovered
It has been gathered that a return trip on such a XRS plane cost taxpayers 600,000 euro.
Meanwhile the first discovered jet, the Challenger 850, was said to have gulped N10bn in the last two years to fly the minister.

REVELATION: Why I Accepted Osaze's Apology-Keshi

Super Eagles head coach, Stephen Keshi has revealed why he accepted to recall Stoke City attacker, Peter Odemwingie to the national team as the team continue its preparation for the 2014 World Cup holding in Brazil.
              * Keshi and Osaze have buried the hatchet

While speaking on Tuesday during the media launch of the TomTom Go To Brasil national consumer promo/Editors' roundtable, Keshi stated that Odemwingie has apologised to him for his outbursts after he was excluded from Nigeria’s squad for the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Woman Dies After Allegedly Injecting Vaseline Into Her Breasts

An Argentine woman has died after allegedly injecting Vaseline into her breasts, as a means of performing a breast augmentation procedure on herself.
Sonia Perez Llanzon, 39, suffered pulmonary embolism (a blood clot in her lungs), and died some weeks after she reportedly injected herself with petroleum jelly.
Llanzon visited a Santa Rosa hospital after she had started to experience difficulty breathing. According to the doctors, she initially tried to deny the fact that she injected herself with Vaseline. However, upon further interrogation, she later admitted what she had done.

T.B. Joshua Delivers Two Notorious Lesbians At SCOAN

Prophet T.B. Joshua continued his noble cause of helping the people, when he listened to confession of two lesbians and delivered them at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), live on Emmanuel TV on March 23, 2014, Sunday.
The girls how came in search for assistance said ‘demons’ were behind their lifestyle.
One of them, Maria Terese George (pictured), was brave enough to tell her full story to the congregation.
She was born in poor family in Delta State. Her poverty pushed her to seek help from an older lady. One day a rich girlfriend took attractive 19-year-old Maria to a night club, where they started drinking.
After the party both friends returned home and the rich friend started touching Maria everywhere. The drunken girl responded, because she was not really in condition to understand what was going on.
The day after this drunken encounter, Maria had an unusual dream which she described as “a half-unclad lady came to me in the dream and fed me with rice, stew and meat”.

Al-Qaeda Plots Attack On Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II with a bloodshot left eye at the Cartier Queen's Cup at Guards Polo Club-890284
Al-Qaeda is urging jihadists returning from Syria to bomb British sporting events attended by the Queen.
The terror group recommends that “lone wolf” bombers use explosives linked to a timer or remote device to cause “maximum carnage” at events including the Epsom Derby, Wimbledon and FA Cup Matches.
The Sunday Times reported the grisly call to arms was outlined in online magazine, Inspire, produced by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).
“This type of car bomb is not usually used to destroy buildings, but is very effective in killing individuals,” the group wrote.
It singled out high-profile sporting events in “crusader countries” England, France and America which are attended by “tens of thousands” of fans and tourists.

For Married Couples – 10 Fiery Things To S*X Up Your Weekend

Weekend means no work stress and spending more time with your beau! If you’re bored with your usual s*x acts in the bedroom, it’s time to try something wild and sexy this weekend. And because you have extra time in your hands and are not in a hurry to wake up early next morning, you can make the most of your holidays by spending sexy time with your lover. Here are some fiery s*x tips for you to try this weekend.
1. Get dirty in the bath
There’s something really sexy about bathing together. This weekend, add a twist by taking scented baths together. Add a few drops of sandalwood and lavender oil into your bathwater. Sandalwood will help awaken sensuality and lavender will relax your senses. The combination of these two scents and warm water will make a memorable s*xual experience for you two.

Was Pastor TB Joshua Right About Malaysian Flight MH370?

                            Tb Joshua
Prophesying to his church members as well as viewers all over the world on March 15, 2014, Pastor TB Joshua said: “They should look between Indonesia and Indian Ocean because the particles of the plane has scattered and gone everywhere”
The head pastor of the Synagogue Church Of All Nation (Scoan) disclosed that the pilot of the plane “lost signal, lost his bearings” causing the plane to be “diverted.”
According to him, “there are some strange people inside the plane; strange people that are not supposed to be inside. The pilot lost signal, the plane diverted and lost his bearings. The pilot confronted a situation he could not handle.”
He however, sent a word of consolation to the families of the passengers and added that “the whole thing has come to an end; they will discover the plane; particles, and everything will end any moment from now.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Maheeda Has Finally Done It

This is no longer a child's play as Naija rough girl Maheeda has finally taken it off. Check out the pix below...