Monday, 8 August 2016

RE: UNILAG Suspends Union Leaders (The Facts)

Our attention has been drawn to newspaper reports on the above subject. We wish to point out that no student was punished on the ground of solely engaging in the said protest. The students were duly investigated for specific acts of social misconduct which they carried out.

They were individually investigated for instances of wrongdoing in breach of the Social Misconduct and Penalties Regulations of the University of Lagos. Specific acts of misconduct during the protest for which they were punished include the following:

1 Locking the University gates
2 Locking staff inside the Student Affairs Office
3 Harassing Lecturers and disrupting lectures and/or examination
4 Assaulting and damaging the vehicle of a visitor and a student
5 Invading the premises of UNILAG Ventures and carting away products of the company.
6 Soliciting for funds externally under false pretence in the name of the University.

The students were also found culpable of other activities capable of damaging the reputation of the university and impinging on the integrity of the University.

We wish to correct the view that the student leadership were punished across board for the protest. Contrary to that report, only those found culpable of specific acts of misconduct were penalised.

Furthermore the University Senate considered the mitigating plea for a review of the penalties made by the Disciplinary Panel to Senate and commuted the penalties of those for expulsion to rustication.

No student will be unjustly punished at the University of Lagos where we are raising leaders IN DEED AND IN TRUTH.

We trust that our position will be noted and reflected.

- Management 

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