Friday, 5 August 2016

SERIOUSLY? Wife runs mad in Lagos after Husband shaved her pubic hair

Hmmm...the vicissitudes of life! Reports have it that a mother of three, identified as Remilekun, has gone mad after her husband, identified as Oriyomi, allegedly shaved her pubic hairs and her head.

The couple, who have been living together since 2008 in Ikorodu area of Lagos, have three kids, but were yet to formalise their union.

A family source revealed that, the wife became “mentally ill after her husband reportedly shaved both the hair her on her head and in her pubic area.

“They have been living together since 2008 without any formal wedding. They have three children. The eldest of their children is seven years old. After she developed mental disorder, Oriyomi sent her out with their three children.

“Ever since, the children have been living with their grandmother. He neglected the children because their mother is not in a good state of mind.”

According to Vanguard, the case was reported at Igbogbo Police Station, but not documented since there was no proof that shaving her head and pubic area were responsible for her mental illness.

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