Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Never insult the breasts that gave you pleasure – Toyin Lawani Breaks Up with Her Baby Daddy?

Calm down when you are young to build a life with a man with prospects, not with "secured future". This thing called secured future is putting many in trouble, because the guy you see living large and you think has a secured future could just be lucky to have some millions but he still lacks what is called the discipline of money.

Ladies who end up with such men may run away in their 30s or 40s, once they have a business to fall back on, they may end up with younger guys and claim it's love just to cover up. Get it right early!

Popular stylist, Toyin Lawani, and her 23yrs old lover, Lord Trigg have been having issues for awhile but it seems things have fallen apart for them, sadly.

It was observed that Lord Trigg, who is like 10 years younger than Toyin Lawal, start a social media rant after he called the mother of his son, Maine, a fake mother. She ignored him at first.

Then, again, he shared a pic of 18yrs old Kylie Jenner and captioned it with the tag, #younggirlsrock
This time, Toyin was pushed to the wall, obvious she is not a young girl as she's in her 30s. She did a post that many are now saying is a direct reply to her estranged younger Baby Daddy. She wrote:
We all make mistakes, but mistake shouldn't be part of our life. I hope they can find a middle ground.

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