Saturday, 23 July 2016

"This Man Died Inside A Taxi In Ilorin This Morning, Let's Always Prepare" (PHOTO)

Hello my people, This day 23/7, has always bn a memorable day for me cos its my birthday..Oya wish me Happy Birthday first before you continue reading...

But today I took my precious mum to the park, but when I was coming back, I met people gathered,so It was when I parked that I was told a man boarded a taxi at dangotte area of ilorin, he sat at d front seat, and he died before getting to Offa garage junction, its just like 5mins drive that the
man died... It was so sad, when people called d last calls on his phone, we learnt he was going with them to a ceremony..They later came... But what made me to be sadder was that, when d man gashed, and showing the sign of last breath,the taxi driver packed, even he didn't park well, and he ran out of d vehicle, told d people around, and he took a bike to a police station..its sad, the fear of police trouble made him not to take d man to the hospital, even people who gathered with the man's friends cant act because of police fear, we waited for close to 2hrs before police came, took picture, and take him away... in all, pls we must change our laws in Nigeria,must people fear police than d life of a dying people..people don't want to help to avoid police wahala .instead of hospital, is police station..even the man may not have died if timely taken to the hospital..its seems is heart attack sha, but may God save us as numerous people are battling with various health challenges,,we even learnt the man shows no sign of illness this early morning...Death can come anytime. Let's do good all the time...

Source: Nairaland

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