Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Babymama Cries: Men Want To Sleep With Me But They Don't Want To Marry Me

Interestingly and rightly so, there are many men who can't marry another man's Babymama. You can't hide the fact that you're a single mum to a real man, especially with the stretch marks, black ass, wide 'thing', etc. Some guys will know that you're a single mum but will continue to sleep with you, waiting for the day you will tell them like, "I want to tell you something, hope you wont leave me".

Funny enough, as soon as you say it out that you have a child with another man, he will pretend like he has not seen the signs on your body all along, he will say he can't marry a Babymama. Sigh!

Dear ladies, one thing I will tell you is that any man you have a child for is already your husband, either he join you to your parents to pay your bride price or not. So, be very careful who you give birth for.

A single mother has cried out after men who wanted to sleep with her have refused to marry her for the fact that she is another man's Babymama. It's a serious matter. Read what she wrote:
Ladies, any man you know you are not yet sure of spending the rest of your life with, don't have a baby for him. Once you are his Babymama, you are already his wife spiritually, either you know it or not. #life

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