Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Moyo Lawal: "I Want A Hubby As Kanye West That'll Share My Unclad Pics Online'

Actress Moyo Lawal says she desperately wants what Kim and Kanye have - Unclothedness, sex and all. The petite curvy beauty shared a photo of KimYe at the 2016 MET and captioned:

"#kimye . ...Uuum so where can I get me own kanye A man who stands up for his wife and let's the world know he adores her despite his eeem thug abi macho reputation.... A man confident enough to let his wife be herself ( yes...even retweeting her Unclad pictures ) ( because he knows she will never cheat...). ..and always ready to help her in public( I don't care how they live inside their home ..but I think they are happy or if they are staging it for us ( I sha like ).... A man that understands that even thou he is the head of the house ,its okay to let the woman shine ( he always stands behind ,even for interviews..well most times)......Let me see some obvious things that maybe I can start to do get my own kanye.... Eeeem sextape (No..)..... Eeeem Getting Unclad ( Uuum yes )..... Eeeem surgery ( an Oliver twist before I end up looking like a blowup doll) ..... Eeeem constant red carpet appearances( bank work but I can try) ... Eeeem makeup always on fleek (hard oooh but I can try ,it should sha not age me ) .... Eeeem always dressed up( haaaa bank work...I like my hobo look ... Eeeeem two failed marriages ( haaa ) ............... Men .... My own Kanye,u know this is not Hollywood ,so eeem things don't have to get too extreme before you find me .. yeah "

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