Monday, 16 May 2016

Big Girl Exposes Comedian AliBaba's Cousin Who Beat Her Up and Rape Her

When we saw this mess and noticed that the guy accused of r*pe is related to AliBaba I smiled. Why? I was having a frank chat with AliBaba on related issues on Monday this week, but he turned it into something else, as if he is a PERFECT MAN and everybody around him is PERFECT.

But after reading the nonsense between this lady and AliBaba's cousin, I felt sad. See full details...

Video Vixen Exposes Ali Baba's Cousin Who Alleged R*ped Her, Shows Evidence
According to a Naija lady, a Video Vixen by the name Enigma_laduchess on Instagram, she was r*ped last night by Comedian Ali Baba's cousin and when she spoke up, the guy (picture above with AliBaba) threatened to blackmail her, said he would disgrace and embarrass her by releasing her n*de photos which according to her, he took with her phone.

The lady went ahead to release her n*de photos, showing AliBaba's cousin that he can't blackmail her after all the abuse he meted to her, and allegedly r*ped her. Their chats below reveal a lot of mess:

In their chat, the guy said he's gone to where no one can see him, the lady told him that he can't run forever!

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