Monday, 16 May 2016

Meet Lagos Thief Who Wastes Money He Stole On Prostitutes

One of the two suspected pickpockets arrested by operatives of the Rapid Response Squad, RRS, of the Lagos Police Command in Maryland and Mile 12 areas, said he spends his proceeds on prostitutes.

The suspects, Taoreed Ashimiyu, 24, and Kayode Jolaade, 34, were caught in the act by policemen after they had successfully removed three phones from commuters in different BRT buses.

Confessing, the duo said they are experts in robbing commuters.
Their area of operation is Mile 12 and Maryland axes. One of the suspects, Taoreed, who hails from Yemetu, Alawada in Oyo state, said that he spent the proceeds from stealing on prostitutes.

He said, “I have not spent a dime from my proceeds in stealing on anything tangible. I womanise a lot and I spent my monies on young and old ladies. I smoked Indian-hemp and drink all sorts of hard drinks."

Taoreed said before his arrest he had removed two mobile phones from commuters during a rush at Maryland bus-stop, “it was my third attempt that led to my arrest. My accomplice caused my arrest today.

"Before he joined me at Maryland, I had stolen two phones successfully.”

He said it would not have been possible to arrest him, had his friend not joined him at Maryland area, “people who knew him in the area were monitoring us, unknown to us. The people after monitoring our operations for some time started chasing me. On sighting them, I took to my heels. They were many, they caught up with me and started beating me.”

Taoreed said he was able to escape as he ran to board a moving Bus Rapid Transport (BRT).

“As I was attempting to board, I saw a guy at the entrance, who was trying to assist me in getting into the bus. In the process of helping me, I dipped my hand in his pocket and removed his phone, and jumped down. But he didn’t know I had equally removed his phone.

"As I jumped down, the people continued chasing me. When I had no option left, I tried to cross the express way, but unfortunately for me I was knocked down by a truck. I was in pains on the highway. People thought I was dead, I opened my eyes to see RRS men, who later arrested me, around.”

On his part, Kayode Jolaade, said that he was lured into the crime, after losing his job at a private security guard firm, based in Lagos. These young men will be spending some years in prison.

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