Friday, 20 May 2016


Finally, the complete autopsy report of the late Ronke Shonde is out and it cites ‘respiratory seizure’ as the cause of death.

According to ThisDay, the report was taken to the State Criminal Investigation and Investigate Department (SCIID) in Panti, Yaba, at exactly 8.45pm, and it stated that part of the late mum’s remains that were examined include the brain and the bruises on her skin.

Recall that yesterday, the first part of the report said the deceased did not die because of the marks found on her body. However, this complete report may not exonerate the husband because a seizure can also be caused by a severe blow to the head. According to ThisDay:

A police source who spoke to THISDAY said although other possible causes were listed, none of them were inflicted by violence or aggressive battering. According to the source, although it was not clear what brought about the seizure, the other bruises on her body did not establish that it led to her death.

A medical doctor with the general hospital, who spoke with THISDAY on anonymity explained that seizures can be caused by a change in the behavioral state resulting from an abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

On whether the autopsy exonerates the suspect he said that seizures can be caused by either a severe blow to the head, acute fever or severe case of intoxication. He said often the person suffering from the seizure might first loose consciousness, leading to stiffening of the body with forceful expiration of air from the throat.

The doctor also explained that if the person having the seizure is standing without support, a fall can can be a hard and fatal.

Speaking with the press yesterday, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmos, refused to confirm if this exonerates the accused husband, Lekan Shonde, who went into hiding following the death of his wife and only turned himself in four days later.

“I can confirm that the result is out this night but I cannot give further details,” Badmos said, adding, “There is a directive from the Inspector General of Police that nobody should comment on the autopsy because it’s for the purpose of investigation.”

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