Tuesday, 5 July 2016

3 Ultimate Ways to Get Every Woman Wet

Here are 3 ways to make her wet and ready for you:

1. Take your time:
A lot of guys make this mistake. They begin touching a woman and as soon as they get a reaction, they go straight to s*x. This is wrong. Turning her on takes time.

When a man take more time to listen and learn how to touch women down there instead of just rushing thing to  get to s*x, it can be a turn off. Most men have no idea how to handle the cl*toris, even though it should be the first priority during touching, or*l and v*ginal s*x.

Next time you’re starting to venture south, ask your girl to show you exactly what she likes, ask questions and be receptive to feedback. She’ll thank you many times over.

2. Don’t be quiet:
Just like you enjoy hearing her moans and groans during s*x, your girl gets turned on when you respond to her movements and techniques too.
It can be very frustrating when a guy is quiet in bed, especially when she is working very hard to make him happy. When she can hear her man getting into it, it turns her on and urges her to give him more. Though you might be conditioned to keep it quiet, it’s actually counterproductive to getting your girl excited. You don’t need to scream, but respond to what she’s doing.

3. Change speed:
Often what makes s*x exciting is not knowing what to expect. When you’re having s*x with someone over a long period of time, it’s not only important to vary positions, but speed too. Women respond well to switching the intensity and speed of s*x. Being spontaneous works great in the bedroom.

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