Friday, 13 May 2016

Update on Suspected Wife Killer, Lekan Shonde: Police Go For His Wife's "Boyfriend"

Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Pathologists conducted the much expected autopsy on the remains of the late Mrs Ronke Shonde on Thursday but declined to make the result public.

It was learnt that the alleged lover of the victim, one Kayode, had been invited to the State Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba, to make statements to the police as investigation hots up.

The case is getting interesting: the landlady of the house where the incident happened, expressed shock over Ronke’s death. The landlady said her husband, Lekan, has never beaten her before, in fact the woman said she had never seen them engage in a physical fight before.

But the wife's sister is claiming that 51yrs old Lekan beat his wife, Ronke, to death.

To set the records straight and possibly clear his name, Lekan Shonde surrendered himself to police.

The landlady of the house, who spoke with Punch on Thursday, said she was surprised at the incident as both Ronke and Lekan were nice and easy-going.

She said, “They are a nice couple. I have never had any reason to separate them in a fight. We don’t hear their voices whenever they are at home. I therefore cannot understand how this happened.”

But before now, there were false media report that the man was beating his wife every day, he's jealoua, bla bla bla. People who don't even know where they live, were just spreading lies against the man.

A source told us that police is taking the wife's alleged boyfriend issue serious. Could it be that something happened and someone went to that house and "silenced" Ronke? Is it something else? Remember, no sign of injury on her body in the pictures of her corpse we all saw on social media.

The alleged boyfriend, Kayode and Ronke worked in the same publishing firm belonging to her uncle. The husband, Lekan had stated that Kayode slept with his wife in a hotel in Abuja while they both went to recruit workers for the new office of the company.

Police already have details of communication between the wife and the "boyfriend", they have asked him to report himself and make statement. They'll compare what he would say with their secret findings.

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