Tuesday, 28 June 2016


The choice of being buried inside or outside the deceased’s home may be the subject of the movie ,Atorun Dorun Apaadi (From Grave to Hell Fire), by Femi Fadeyi at Ogba, one of the leading actors on set, Damola Olatunji is not ready to answer the question on his choice. “I don’t want to answer that question. I don’t want to die now, “he said, with a smile.

Atorun Dorun Apaadi (From Grave to Hell Fire), depicts polygamy and the subject of burying people inside buildings and not at the burial grounds.
However, Damola voiced his stands on polygamy, “We all have different views on polygamy. We have varying cultures and religion. So I can’t personalise my views. I believe that we should be justified doing what we want to do. We should stand up to our responsibilities in all we do.
“If your culture or religion permits you to pick more than one wife, good for you but make sure you take care of your wives and kids.
“As for me, I can’t marry another woman despite the fact that I advise others to decide on what they want, based on their culture and belief.”
Damola agreed that sexual temptation comes with the industry.
“But you need to know what you want while doing your job. It’s about drawing a thin line between job and your social life, “he tutored.
Ironically, while Damola vows not to marry another it must be said that the actor may be in the path to getting another wife.
While it is not exactly clear if Damola Olatunji has finally called it quit with his marriage to his wife, Raliat Abiodun, based in London, his romance with Arugba actress, Bukola Awoyemi, has produced a twin.

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