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“I Was A Dancer For Weird MC, Pasuma, Olu Maintain & Co Before I Joined Acting”- Star Actress, Tope Osoba Opens Up

Talk about one popular actress rocking the Yoruba movie industry and Tope Osoba’s name will be mentioned. She got into acting about a decade ago after featuring in star actress, Laide Bakare’s blockbuster movie titled “Ijo ya”. Since then, the Abeokuta Ogun State, Nigeria-born diva has been on top of her game. Tope, who is the only child of her parents, recently shot her debut movie titled “Single Ladies” and the flick will be premiered at Time Square Events Center, Ikeja, Lagos on Sunday 17th May 2015. Recently, in an interview, she spoke on her movie career. Excerpts:

 What’s Single Ladies all about?
It is all about the different phases of relationships in young ladies’ lives. I am just trying to portray different relationships people have through the movie. The experiences, good, bad and ugly you will come across if you must have one as a toddler and what you have to do as solution.IMG_4156

Why did you decide to shoot a relationship-themed movie?
I will attribute that to my little experience I have got in keeping relationship. Things around me inspired me to choose that particular story line about relationship. I had a particular experience which I will like people to learn from.

Were you jilted?
Not like I was jilted but you know people make mistakes and sometimes we think we have the right thing which is not. At times we don’t handle things in right way and sometimes things won’t just work from the way want it to. So, what I am trying to say is that we don’t get what we want most time.

Who is the guy in question?
He is not in the industry and the relationship was like 2 to 3 years ago but it hit the rocks about a year ago.

What really happened?
It wasn’t just working. He wasn’t supporting my career; there was abuse, no true love neither trust nor I was thinking I could hold it down. Dating him was dragged me down, affected my life and career negatively. I couldn’t help than to let him go, I was too weak to keep the relationship, but at the end of the day, I thank God I was able to regain my strength.

Are you in any relationship now?
Of course, yes. And the relationship is the sweetest ever. The love in my life now is my childhood friend and I guess God has plans for everything. So I will just say God is working.
Who is the lucky man in your life?
He is not an industry person. He is a neutral guy who has a good job and good life. He is like a brother to me. He is my childhood friend, we grew up in the same area, I have known him since my secondary school. We lived in the same estate; he was like a senior in my secondary school.

How did your path cross after secondary school?
It just happened. We met again and things happened. It wasn’t smooth all the way but God will make it work perfectly.

How did you get into acting?
I never had any interest in acting. I started out as dancer and what I knew best was dancing and singing. So, I guess acting chose me because I never liked acting.

How did it happen?
One day I was coming from school and I dropped at Berger. I was tired but I decided to go to Adeniyi Jones where we used for our rehearsals. That was how I saw some actresses rehearsing for Ijoya by Laide Bakare. When I entered, Seyi Ariyo (She Baby) was like “Tope Osoba the girl I told you that she dances well and the director was like can we see what you have done before”. I showed them clips of session with Weird MC and they fell in love with it. That was how I got my first script.
Can you tell us the music stars you’ve danced for?
I have danced for Olu Maintain, Rasqui,Pasuma, Ayuba, Shanko Rasheed, and I was back-up dancer for Weird MC.

Away from the screen, who is Tope Osoba?
Many think I am a tough person but I’m just a no nonsenses person.oso
You sometimes play naughty roles in movies, is there a meeting point in reality?
That is why I am an actor, I should be able to interpret my script better and that doesn’t mean I am like that in real life. Playing a pastor role or prostitute, dead person or the role of armed robber doesn’t mean I am one of them, it is called make believe.

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