Tuesday, 14 June 2016

SERIOUSLY? Why Are Some Christians Behaving So Badly?

It is common knowledge that Muslim women wear hijab due to their religious tenets. Their women are not allowed to dress in what will make their curves obvious. But we Christians have no such.
Now the Muslims in Osun State went to court to get an order allowing them to wear hijab to school and the Judge granted the order. What did my fellow Christians do? They asked their children to wear Choir Robes and White Garment church gown to school. In the name of a stupid competition...

If Muslims cover head with hijab, we will also wear choir robe? When did Christians start behaving so badly? How many Christians are in choir? How many are attending white garment? So what will the rest Christians wear? Their grand father Masquerade dress? A true Christian shouldn't get involved in this.

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