Saturday, 11 June 2016

“Omogoriola Hassan” – The EX Ayo Adesanya Says She Can Never Go Back To

Popular actor and movie producer, Adeniyi Omogoriola Hassan and Ayo Adesanya were long time lovers before the relationship hit the rock based on physical abuse.

Ayo Adesanya walked out of the relationship years ago with their son who should be 10years of age at the moment. Omogoriola who has relocated to the UK seems to be doing fine and rarely puts up pictures of his child with Ayo Adesanya. Has he moved on? Is he still bittered? Well these are questions we are willing to ask him soon! Would he for any reason collect Ayo Adesanya back?

In a recent interview with the Entertainer, Ayo Adesanya reveals that she can never ever go back to Omogoriola Hassan.

Read excerpts below:

Talking about family, are there chances you’ll go back to your ex-husband?
(Screams) No. Never! You people have started looking for trouble again. Well, that’s all I can say. Never!

Even for the sake of your son that looks so much like his father?
Please, my son looks like me. He is my replica. So, stop saying otherwise.

When do you intend giving marriage another shot?
I don’t know. Anything can happen. But why not, indeed marriage is a beautiful thing.

What lessons did you learn from your previous marriage?
I have learnt a lot with the experience. I learnt to take things easy. Most of the things I learnt will be applied in any new relationship that I’m going into. I will also make sure I check out some qualities in that man before I go into relationship with him.

What makes you happy?
Peace! I love peace! I love when everything and everyone is at peace, it gives me extra joy. My family at peace, my friends at peace, I’m at peace, then I’m as happy as a bird.

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