Monday, 6 June 2016

Naija Babe... I've Been Having Sex with My Childhood Friend, Not My Boyfriend

Project Fame Contestant, Mabel Green aka Gussy Baby is one of those girls who just want to live a care free life, the way she likes. And in most cases such ladies end up as cheap s*x tool to a man. She would think she's proving herself as one with independent mind, so she can sleep with a man with no strings attached because she broke up with a boyfriend or lover or husband.

What she doesn't know is that most men actually want ladies who will sleep with them with no strings, so that man you want to go "do it" with is no different from your former boyfriend. What you need to enjoy a decent life is a change of faulty orientation and not a change of s*x partner.

But she thinks she knows what she's doing, so let hear what Mabel has to say:

What does love mean to you?
I don’t love to talk about love. I suffered heartbreak from my last relationship. Most guys are not satisfied with being in a single relationship, so they tend to move from one lady to another. Some men believe we have many ladies around so they want to have a feel of all. For now, I have made up my mind not to love. I am very emotional when it comes to matters of the heart. I am finding it difficult to trust men again.

Don’t you think you need to find love again?
You can never tell. I have not been in a relationship for two years now and I am happy. I can boldly say I am not dating anybody.

So, you have not had s*x in two years?
It is better to have s*x and not be in a relationship than to be in a relationship where you have s*x and you end up being heartbroken. That’s bad. The person I had s*x with is my childhood friend...

- Some ladies actually share this same problem, but the solution is to calm down and date right. Not all this so called relationships today that are defined by money, propensity for heartbreak is always high. 

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