Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Married Woman Stabs Her Husband Out Of Jealousy

Our society is slow to understanding the fact that violence has nothing to do with being a man. A woman can be violent, even more deadly than a man. We need to focus on helping people learn how to live with each other in mutual respect, that is the only practical solution to such barbaric acts.

This woman, who is the SECOND WIFE stabbed her husband because he want to marry a third wife. Imagine; the first wife kept her cool when he married you but now you are doing pepper body.

The woman named Amina Banaga Maru from Gusau in Zamfara State capital attempted to kill her husband after stabbing him with knife in the stomach three times.

According to Rariya media, the second wife nearly murdered her man because she became jealous when she heard that he wanted to marry another wife. The man went to see a government official for a meeting and because he came back late, Amina just believe he went to see the new lady he want to marry.

She pounced on the man and stabbed him three times, almost taking his life in the process. The man is said to be battling for his life in hospital. Amina has been arrested and she is in custody.

A source said the man has already married the new wife and Amina is just crazy because she is no longer the newest wife hence her misguided act.

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